Fierro is the only one restaurant in Spain, where 12 people -known and unknown- sit on the same table to enjoy Haute Cuisine.

A guided experience by the chefs Carito Lourenço & German Carrizo. Guest assist to a Culinary Show inspired by season products and turned with passion on unique and memorable recipes.


We present in each Menu a fresh purpose exalting seasonal daily product turning into really tasty surprise. Pumpkin, ‘Chirivía’, and other local products rise up in a new high level on this seventh season.


In Fierro pairing is one of our big bets. Sometimes, wine inspires a meal. Sometimes, wine is the last ingredient of the creation. Eva Pizarro is the Fierro ‘ sommelier. We play to supplement each other, We like to contrast for making the experience became better with wines, shakes and beer proposed. Also, we offer a non alcohol option with drinks created by ourselves to make another interesting point of view of the meal.