Carito Lourenço

Carito is a creative head and soul. With the aim of generating a new culture of Mediterranean cuisine, it draws on its roots, traditions and the diverse pantry of Valencian gastronomy. It merges the frontiers of sweet and savory; it combines flavors treasured in memory with avant-garde techniques.

“My kitchen is a continuous journey, it is a port where to arrive and find shelter and, at the same time, an open space where to build the gustatory memory of the future”.

Firma de la chef Carito Lourenço

Germán Carrizo

Germán is the protagonist of a new way of thinking and feeling Mediterranean cuisine. The raw material of his work is emotion.

Throughout his vast trajectory, he has gained a deep knowledge of techniques and a great mastery of flavors that are the basis for his limitless creations.

“Each dish is the essence of our journey, of our history and the reflection of our innovative look at gastronomy.”

Logo del restaurante Fierro
Logo del restaurante Fierro